Sunday, 19 October 2014

Doctor Who: Flatline Review

"Life support failing!"

After last week's experience that was Mummy on the Orient Express, writer Jamie Mathieson returns with his second episode of Who history - and it looks like he's a writer to watch out for. Because both episodes he's written have been crazy good so far. As in. Crazy good.

In Flatline, the Doctor and Clara find themselves in 'the time and place you left. Ish' as something is leeching the third dimension from things (and people!) for it's supposed own gain.

The visuals in this episode are stylish as hell. Raising the questions of whether Clara is really a good person or not, as she begins to lie to both the Doctor and Danny, we're slowly beginning to get a part of the bigger picture now… that scene at the end. Ohhhh damn that scene at the end.

I mean what. If you haven't seen it yet nothing happens haha…ahhh.

On the other hand, this is the first episode this season that feels like a fluid story. So props to Mr Mathieson. Anyway. TV reviews are short. Deal with. Also busy. So yeah. Bye.

Josiah Morgan

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