Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Sacrifice Film Review

Alexander, a journalist, philosopher and retired actor, celebrates a birthday with friends and family when it is announced that nuclear war has begun.

"As if the living I've been doing so far hasn't actually been real life but a long wait for it... a long wait for something real"

Sacrifice made my heart burn.

It hurt the first time, but after seeing all of Tarkovsky's filmography in order (minus The Steamroller and the Violin and Voyage in Time)… it hurts so, so, so much more.

I didn't even watch it with subtitles this time because I couldn't find a version with them, but throughout it's entire (very talkative) runtime, I sat there open-mouthed at the beauty being portrayed in front of me.

Andrei Tarkovsky is not my favorite filmmaker of all time. But he is most definitely the greatest. Ten stars is not a rating I give out easily to films… I reserve it for things I relate to incredibly personally (The Zero Theorem, Dancer in the Dark), for the films I can rewatch hundreds of times without getting bored (The Dark Knight, 12 Monkeys)… and films like this. Films which transcend the medium and leap out of the screen and sear themselves into your heart so purposefully.

I felt so hopeless yet so hopeful during this film. I would like to also extend a thank you to Eli Hayes, the reviewer who introduced me to Tarkovsky and persuaded me to watch his films.

Yet another short review, but that is all that needs to be said.

10/10. Wow.

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