Sunday, 12 October 2014

Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express Review

"Start the clock!"

After last weeks events in Kill the Moon, The Doctor and Clara appear to have reconciled their relationship - at least partially - and are now saying 'goodbye to the good times' with a trip to the Orient Express... in space. But once on board, something or someone begins killing off passengers one by one... 

After last weeks emotional Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express feels like a return to the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who - this results in a wonderfully steampunk episode, with a Moffat-era twist. And it's brilliant.

Clara is advanced further as a character here - she can officially be called a well-rounded, fleshed out character now.  The character of the Doctor himself shows even more cold-heartedness in a not-so-shocking turn of events.

The design of the Mummy is terrifying, and the guest cast - including a cameo from Foxes - provide stellar performances in what may very well be the best episode of the season yet (on par with Listen).

The visuals are quirky and experimental, especially considering what we are accustomed to. This episode re-affirms Season 8 as possibly the best season of the reboot so far!

Josiah Morgan

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