Friday, 10 October 2014

The 5 Most Overrated Films of All Time

1. Forrest Gump

Sure, there's been a backlash against Forrest Gump in the last decade or so from the film critic crowd. But the general public? #14 on the iMDB Top 250. That is all the proof you need. While the Top 250 may not exactly be a representative opinion, it shows how many people still love what is an over-sentimental, highly clichéd film with some contrived plot devices thrown in for good measure. Sure, it's fun. Sure, there's a lot to be gained from it. But it's just not that good. Sorry.

2. Avatar

There's been a backlash against this one as well in recent years - unfairly, due to it being a genuinely good film that will probably be remembered for years to come... but does it really deserve the title of highest grossing film of all time? Obviously the extra pricing of 3D tickets was a factor in this, but there's one glaring fault that perhaps stops the movies chances of being really, really good: it's way too long for it's storyline. You can't argue with that. It's quite simply too long. Many people consider this one of the greatest movies of all time - it's solid, I give you that, but it most definitely isn't worth being considered one of the classics.

3. The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption is one of my personal favorites (well, top 150 territory), so it almost pains me to put it in this list... the fact it sits at #1 on the iMDB Top 250 is proof enough. Watch this movie right after/before watching, say, The Godfather and you will see one which is quite clearly better.

4. Primer

Primer is different to the other films in this list in that it didn't even get a wide release - it was a small, low-budget sci-fi film that became a cult classic due to being a time travel film with accurate science. There's just one problem. It's boring as hell.

5. Titanic

Do I even need to give you any more evidence than the cover? I will anyway:

- It's three hours long
- Half of that runtime isn't even dedicated to the boat sinking
- Ok it's actually a good movie
- But not as great as seem people would make it out to be 
- It's three hours long
- It can be quite slow in parts
- It's three hours long
- It has the most famous nude scene of all time (arguably) and it isn't even a good scene
- Did I mention it's three hours long?
- Oh yeah and at the time it was the highest grossing movie of all time

Enough? Thought so.

Agree? Disagree? If you have any thoughts on the post above, let us know in the comments below!

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