Friday, 24 October 2014

The Locals Film Review

Two best friends, Grant and Paul, hit the country road for a night of fun, but unfortunately take a short cut to their fate… where they meet the locals.

"So are you coming to the party?"

New Zealand cinema… New Zealand cinema tends to be this absolutely wonderful hybrid of five different things:

1. Terrible horror movies
2. Awesome horror movies
3. Lord of the Rings
4. Jane Campion
5. Boy

There doesn't really tend to be any differentiation between the four; literally every film falls into one of the above categories (Braindead is a prime example of awesome horror, Black Sheep is a prime example of not-so-awesome horror, and the rest are pretty self-explanatory). So which category does The Locals fall into? It falls into the category of "terrible horror movies" - the thing is, this one is actually so much fun to watch.

Some particularly memorable scenes include:

- That one time the car blows up because flimsy logic because it looked cool at that point in the story
- That one time the dude randomly knew where the other dude was for no apparent reason
- Apparently this all happened because of real estate. Damn. This is such a deep, thought-provoking, philosophical film…

In all honesty, The Locals is probably something I'm gonna watch a lot of times… but not necessarily for the right reasons. I give it….

6.5/10 - with a tighter script and better directing, this could have been a proper GOOD horror movie - however it falls flat, but remains an entertaining horror movie in that special way only bad horror movies manage.

Josiah Morgan

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